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A safe space for back-of-the-pack runners to congregate, share, learn, grow, and meet local runners

Slow AF Run Club

As a slow runner, have you ever asked yourself:

✅ "Why can’t I run with someone who has a pace like mine!?"

✅ "Why aren’t there more runners like me!?"

✅ "Why do I have to feel ashamed when sharing my pace and accomplishments with faster runners!?"

Sound familiar? The Slow AF Run Club is for you!

What is Slow AF?

The Slow AF Run Club is an online community of badass slow runners led by Martinus Evans, author, running coach, award-winning speaker and, most importantly, a fat marathon runner who has helped countless people build the confidence to start running in their current body so they can live their best life now! The Slow AF mission is to empower, advocate, and solve the issues that are most important to the back of the pack.

 Slow AF is a dedicated community that supports its members, meets up at races, runs as a group, and nourishes deep, nuanced connections.

 Slow AF is a SAFE place to share your insecurities and struggles as well as your wins. It is a NO-DRAMA and JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE.

 Slow AF is not for everyone, but if you are a back of the pack runner who wants to create meaningful connections with similar runners, the Slow AF Run Club is for you!

Community is the most important thing about running!

While shoes, gear, form, and training plans are important, the community saves us from the isolation and alienation that can come with running in the back of the pack. Slow AF is a place for us to call home. It’s a place we can meet to share knowledge, make connections, find inspiration, discover resources, and get support.

Are you tired of being an afterthought? 

Forget being tolerated. You deserve to be celebrated!

Have you ever joined a running club that advertises to all paces and speeds only to feel unwelcome? You get there and everyone looks at you like you’re crazy because you don’t run as fast as they do and you’re not trying to.

Those days are over.

Have you ever joined a Facebook group that made you feel inadequate because your pace is slower than a 10-minute mile? Or whenever you post about your runs and success, people in the group tell you that you’re too slow or that you need to "push yourself harder”? ...Even though you were perfectly fine with your pace and progression?

Those days are over.

Here’s the truth: Your pace is not the problem!

The real problem is outdated ideas about running and fitness. People want you to believe that you need to run fast to be considered a runner.

But the people in the back of the pack have different priorities:

🐢 Most of us don't run for a pace.

🐢 Most of us run just to finish the race.  

🐢 Most of us run because we enjoy it. 

🐢 Most of us run for the bling.

🐢 Most of us run because we want to test ourselves

Whatever your reason to run, it doesn't have to coincide with traditional ideas about runners and running.

Here’s the reality: if you run, you’re a runner, no matter how fast or slow you go. You shouldn’t be ridiculed because you’re a slow runner. If this resonates with you, then you need to join the Slow AF Run Club!

If you run, walk, jog, slog, or wog, you’re welcome here! If you run intervals, you’re welcome here! If you’re new to running, you’re welcome here! If you’re on the couch thinking about becoming a runner, you’re welcome here! There’s no pace too slow in the Slow AF Run Club.  

Your community is waiting for you!

What value can you put on TRUE connection and support that helps you through the difficult days and celebrates with you on the great ones? We’re not just building a community here, we’re building a family...and we hope you will join us!

 Discussions that matter. We believe that vulnerability is the route to authentic connection and “aha” moments. We created Slow AF as a safe space to have deep, nuanced conversations.

 Privacy is important. Slow AF has the connectivity of Facebook with the security of a private membership site. None of your information can be shared outside of the community, so you can express yourself openly, without the fear of your posts being shared.

 No Ads. No spam. No fake news. Just plain old connection with other runners just like you!

 No algorithms. YOU choose what you want to see. Curate your own feed. Follow topics and members who resonate with you the most.

 Access to a community of like-minded peers. The Slow AF Run Club includes people from numerous skills and backgrounds exploring ideas, sharing success stories, and discussing lessons learned. Find members near you. Find members online now. Find members by category.

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